Technology meets fashion in WINK online booking platform for clients and models

You probably don't start out modelling intending to become an IT entrepreneur; it's not exactly the standard career path. But that's what Taryn Williams, founder and chief executive of WINK Models and her tech platform has pulled off.

20 successful Australian executives reveal how they organise apps on their smartphone

I’ll be honest, I don’t put a lot of thought into how my apps are organised! I keep my most used apps on the front screen, and rarely scroll past that! I find that when I am flying is a great time to clean up my apps, any that I don’t use get deleted and I also delete a few photos at the same time too.

WINK Models founder Taryn Williams on overcoming being a “control freak” to build her business

After a stint in the modelling industry, serial entrepreneur Taryn Williams saw a lot could be done in the sector to streamline processes and payment for models working across Australia. She took these observations and spun them into $3 million talent agency WINK Models, a company that committed to pay models in a seven day window.

I went to a conference on a cruise ship with Eric Schmidt, Quentin Tarantino and a ton of other execs – Here’s what I learned

We need to make space in our lives for serendipity.

I arrived at the Summit with a carefully crafted schedule of all the speakers I wanted to see, together with a perfectly diarised schedule. I approached the Summit the same way I approach my work day. Unfortunately, the first speaker was delayed 30 minutes and my whole plan was thrown into chaos.