Model fit disrupts the talent agency market

Having made the digital leap from a traditional offline model, influencer Taryn Williams' online talent agency is rapidly expanding with clients requesting the service globally.

Little cancer sufferer challenges CEOs to suffer some pain to raise money for research

CEO of and WINK Models, Taryn Williams, has accepted a challenge to get in a snake pit.

“I’m going to do the snake challenge and get in a box with pythons and let them crawl all over me,” the entrepreneur said.

“It’s just one day we have to experience some discomfort when these kids have to endure it for months or years.”

Taryn Williams of The Right Fit + WINK Models – Fear At The Top

“We do a lot of music videos. Whether that’s videographers, actors, dancers, stylists, hair and makeup artists to actually work on campaigns for musicians. And then for musicians themselves, we have a huge number of different types of musicians on the platform.”

The rise of mobile technology for small businesses

“It’s easy to spend all day replying to emails, whatsapp messages and slack alerts,” Taryn adds. “I set clear rules about what each communication channel is to be used for and what face-to-face meetings are required, so you’re not spending all day drowning in background noise.”

A model example of how to grow a business

Customer feedback and a focus on winning repeat buyers are key ways to grow the size of a small business, according to entrepreneur Taryn Williams.
The award-winning founder of WINK Models and TheRight.Fit highlighted the importance of knowing your customers in order to boost sales in the new podcast series, Mentor Next Door, from Xero and News Corp Australia.
Ms Williams also suggested forming partnerships with complementary brands during the podcast, where she coached Brooke Rudzis of luxury bath towel company Sunday Minx.

Let's talk... Disruption

Taryn Williams, Founder & CEO of and WINK Models: “Having spent sixteen years working across different areas of the creative talent and media industries, I have witnessed or been part of inefficient processes including late or non-payments for talent and manual processes, which slow things down and increase costs. I started my companies, Wink Models and, as ways to disrupt my own industry and create better outcomes.

Professional envy? Aussie entrepreneurs explain how to use jealousy for the good of your business

Founder of WINK Models and, Taryn Williams, says facing envy head on is about using it as fuel for action. 

“I have definitely been jealous in business before — when someone finds the perfect key hire in a role that you have been struggling to fill, or releases a new product feature you wish you had thought of, its hard not to be slightly envious,” she says.

PODCAST: How Taryn Williams Managed To Build And Scale An Empire At Just 21

Okay, while it’s still early days, 2018’s still looking near-identical to 2017. Trump‘s still holding office, Danielle Bregoli‘s still having a red-hot crack at becoming a rapper (she’s the Cash Me Ousside gal, FYI) and we’re still navigating life in what ~thought leaders~ have deemed The Golden Age of the Influencer. And just like all Golden Ages, there are several figureheads responsible for their growth. Wondering who’s leading the charge on our home turf? We’ve gotta say that Taryn Williams is definitely one of them.

Technology meets fashion in WINK online booking platform for clients and models

You probably don't start out modelling intending to become an IT entrepreneur; it's not exactly the standard career path. But that's what Taryn Williams, founder and chief executive of WINK Models and her tech platform has pulled off.

20 successful Australian executives reveal how they organise apps on their smartphone

I’ll be honest, I don’t put a lot of thought into how my apps are organised! I keep my most used apps on the front screen, and rarely scroll past that! I find that when I am flying is a great time to clean up my apps, any that I don’t use get deleted and I also delete a few photos at the same time too.