4 Ways Brand Marketers Can Inject Expertise Into Their Social Content

Social content can make or break a brand’s marketing strategy, and customers can tell when you’re not walking the talk. Taryn Williams, CEO and founder of theright.fit and Wink Models, explains how to capture your audience’s attention by showing off your expertise.

Identify your tribe

Before you launch into creating content for your social media channels, take some time to really get to know your customers. Great content is always tailored to a specific target audience, so it’s absolutely critical that you get to know yours and identify how you can add value to their lives.

Too many brands make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone, which only dilutes their message. Missing the mark means missing out on sales. If demographics don’t do it for you, try creating a few customer profiles based on your target audience so you can picture them more clearly during the content production process.

Find your voice

It’s almost a cliché these days to say ‘be authentic’, but it’s a simple fact that authenticity is key to connecting with your audience. People know when you’re faking it, so while of course you should strive to meet the needs of your audience, don’t let that stifle your brand’s voice.

Authenticity is also about showing that you can walk the talk. One way to demonstrate expertise is to partner with a voice of authority within your industry. At theright.fit we recently launched a business experts platform to connect industry influencers with brands seeking recognised, trusted voices to champion their message. Do some research into who might have the reach and be a good fit to act as a brand ambassador for your business. They don’t have to be famous or have 100,000 followers – just respected leaders who know their stuff and have an engaged audience.

Share your space

In the excitement of creating your own, original content, don’t overlook the power of sharing. Posting content from your customers and influencers is a great way to build a community around your brand. A carefully curated social media stream with the right balance of shared and original content provides a much richer experience than one that uses the same voice again and again.

The best way to leverage shared content is to add your own spin. Don’t just share and move on – add a comment that provides extra insight into why you found the post interesting or meaningful.

Team up

Sometimes the best way to inject expertise into your content is to have a real, live expert do the talking. Influencer marketing is on the rise, and partnering with a known name and face offers an opportunity to not just ramp up your content but also expand your audience.

Brand ambassadors are no longer just for product launches and big events. More and more businesses are connecting with social media influencers to help spread their message, with 87% of brands finding the strategy effective in creating authentic content.

Interview with Taryn Williams on the announcement of her Ambassador role with Max Factor Global

  • How does it feel to be named the global face of Max Factor?

Honestly, a little surreal! It all happened very quickly, and I have to admit it was odd being back on the other side of the camera again. Im so flattered to be included against such amazing strong entrepreneurial females from all over the globe.

  • Can you tell us about the Radiant Lift range?

The idea behind Radiant lift foundation is not having to compromise between radiance and long wear coverage. It has hyaluronic acid complex, micro-pearls to reduce the appearance of fine lines and reflect light & SPF 30.

  • What was it like shooting the Radiant Lift range?

It was such an incredible experience. It was 2 seperate shoots in London, 1 for the TV commercial and 1 for the stills campaign, so I was flown there for about 5 days each time. The set, props, and all the team and crew were so amazing and it was such an honour to work with the incredible Wendy Rowe (creative director of Max Factor) who did my makeup on both occasions. 

  • Why do you love Max Factor?

I love that as a brand they have continued to innovate and celebrate the uniqueness of female beauty, and that they are willing to challenge the status quo and work to bring a new meaning to a beauty campaign.

  • Which of the Max Factor range could you not live without?

Radiant lift foundation, definitely! It's such a good coverage thats flattering without being heavy and lasts all day.

  • Why do you believe there has been a change in the influences brands are now using?

I believe consumers demand authenticity in their marketing- whichever channel this may be on. Social media gives consumers a voice to openly feed back to brands about what does and doesn't resonate with them, and influencers pay a huge part in shaping that dialogue online. 

  • How are women dominating the economy and what does this mean for brands?

According to Forbes, In aggregate, women represent a growth market bigger than China and India combined—more than twice as big, in fact. Globally, they control about $20 trillion in annual consumer spending, and that figure could climb as high as $28 trillion in the next five years. Its clear that this huge purchasing power means brands would be foolish not to consider them in their marketing & sales campaigns, and in their product development.

  • Are you surprised that 86% of women consult social media before making a purchase?

Not at all. I know personally I am certainly influenced by the content I see on my various social channels, whether that be linked in, facebook or instagram. I trust referrals from other consumers and I value brands who work with influencers to craft authentic and engaging stories to convey messages. Its such a fantastic, organic way for me to learn about a brand and their values and their products or services in a time and way that works for me, unlike traditional advertising.

  • What’s next, for you?

Continuing to grow both my companies, and working with brands I love and who are aligned in my values as an ambassador.

How does social media impact your business?

  • How important has social media been to the current success of your business?

Social media is a fundamental part of theright.fit business, and the platform is built around a social media backbone in being able to see the reach of all of our talent. The platform was designed as I saw a gap in the market for brands wanting to engage with talent based on their social reach and engagement (models, photographers, actors etc) to amplify their campaigns. It has also allowed us to share our brand values and key messages in our marketing to a highly targeted group of individuals using targeting social campaigns.

  • What social media channels have you used and why?

    We're active on all social channels, except Pinterest. Each channel has a different audience and different content strategy, and allows us to share relevant content with the right people at the right time. We also have a highly engaged pool of our out talent ambassadors who are also influencers who help us further amplify our message.

  • How has your brand used influencers to grow your business?

    We're in a very fortunate situation in that not only do we have 'influencers' in the social media sense of the word, but a number of our talent are very influential industry experts (renowned photographers, leading models etc) so by aligning themselves with our platform this has also increased our position as a key market leader and helped with growth.

  • What social media tips/advice would you give to other brands?

    In their own socials - create content that is suitable for the channel, and keep creativity front of mine (no more content for contents sake!). In engaging with influencers, have a clear brief and understanding of what you are trying to achieve before you get started.

  • Where do you see the social media industry headed in the future?

    I think its evolving so quickly, and new mediums being released all the time, its so hard to say! I think authenticity and creativity will be a the heart of any social media platform or feature that does well. I think for a brand, they will be much savvier about finding and engaging the right talent to feature in, and amplify their campaigns - and influencers will be considered much earlier in the creative execution instead of at the end as a tool to seed/distribute.

NEWSLa Prairie, Fairfax & Roberts, The Origin Agency and TheRight.Fit to speak at the Mumbrella Luxury Marketing Summit

Taryn Williams, founder of talent platform TheRight.Fit, winner of the Award for Innovation at this year’s Mumbrella Awards, will join Sarah Orfanos Vant, brand and partnerships director at Fairfax & Roberts, Ai San Beaumont, regional marketing and public relations manager at La Prairie Australia and Phemmie Wilkinson, agency lead for Lamborghini Oceania at The Origin Agency, to discuss the use of influencers for luxury brands and the trends that are emerging.



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CEO of theright.fit and WINK Models, Taryn Williams, has accepted a challenge to get in a snake pit.

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“It’s just one day we have to experience some discomfort when these kids have to endure it for months or years.”



Taryn Williams of The Right Fit + WINK Models – Fear At The Top

“We do a lot of music videos. Whether that’s videographers, actors, dancers, stylists, hair and makeup artists to actually work on campaigns for musicians. And then for musicians themselves, we have a huge number of different types of musicians on the platform.”



The rise of mobile technology for small businesses

“It’s easy to spend all day replying to emails, whatsapp messages and slack alerts,” Taryn adds. “I set clear rules about what each communication channel is to be used for and what face-to-face meetings are required, so you’re not spending all day drowning in background noise.”

A model example of how to grow a business

Customer feedback and a focus on winning repeat buyers are key ways to grow the size of a small business, according to entrepreneur Taryn Williams.
The award-winning founder of WINK Models and TheRight.Fit highlighted the importance of knowing your customers in order to boost sales in the new podcast series, Mentor Next Door, from Xero and News Corp Australia.
Ms Williams also suggested forming partnerships with complementary brands during the podcast, where she coached Brooke Rudzis of luxury bath towel company Sunday Minx.

Let's talk... Disruption

Taryn Williams, Founder & CEO of theright.fit and WINK Models: “Having spent sixteen years working across different areas of the creative talent and media industries, I have witnessed or been part of inefficient processes including late or non-payments for talent and manual processes, which slow things down and increase costs. I started my companies, Wink Models and theright.fit, as ways to disrupt my own industry and create better outcomes.

Professional envy? Aussie entrepreneurs explain how to use jealousy for the good of your business

Founder of WINK Models and theright.fit, Taryn Williams, says facing envy head on is about using it as fuel for action. 

“I have definitely been jealous in business before — when someone finds the perfect key hire in a role that you have been struggling to fill, or releases a new product feature you wish you had thought of, its hard not to be slightly envious,” she says.

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