How does social media impact your business?

  • How important has social media been to the current success of your business?

Social media is a fundamental part of business, and the platform is built around a social media backbone in being able to see the reach of all of our talent. The platform was designed as I saw a gap in the market for brands wanting to engage with talent based on their social reach and engagement (models, photographers, actors etc) to amplify their campaigns. It has also allowed us to share our brand values and key messages in our marketing to a highly targeted group of individuals using targeting social campaigns.

  • What social media channels have you used and why?

    We're active on all social channels, except Pinterest. Each channel has a different audience and different content strategy, and allows us to share relevant content with the right people at the right time. We also have a highly engaged pool of our out talent ambassadors who are also influencers who help us further amplify our message.

  • How has your brand used influencers to grow your business?

    We're in a very fortunate situation in that not only do we have 'influencers' in the social media sense of the word, but a number of our talent are very influential industry experts (renowned photographers, leading models etc) so by aligning themselves with our platform this has also increased our position as a key market leader and helped with growth.

  • What social media tips/advice would you give to other brands?

    In their own socials - create content that is suitable for the channel, and keep creativity front of mine (no more content for contents sake!). In engaging with influencers, have a clear brief and understanding of what you are trying to achieve before you get started.

  • Where do you see the social media industry headed in the future?

    I think its evolving so quickly, and new mediums being released all the time, its so hard to say! I think authenticity and creativity will be a the heart of any social media platform or feature that does well. I think for a brand, they will be much savvier about finding and engaging the right talent to feature in, and amplify their campaigns - and influencers will be considered much earlier in the creative execution instead of at the end as a tool to seed/distribute.