Interview with Taryn Williams on the announcement of her Ambassador role with Max Factor Global

  • How does it feel to be named the global face of Max Factor?

Honestly, a little surreal! It all happened very quickly, and I have to admit it was odd being back on the other side of the camera again. Im so flattered to be included against such amazing strong entrepreneurial females from all over the globe.

  • Can you tell us about the Radiant Lift range?

The idea behind Radiant lift foundation is not having to compromise between radiance and long wear coverage. It has hyaluronic acid complex, micro-pearls to reduce the appearance of fine lines and reflect light & SPF 30.

  • What was it like shooting the Radiant Lift range?

It was such an incredible experience. It was 2 seperate shoots in London, 1 for the TV commercial and 1 for the stills campaign, so I was flown there for about 5 days each time. The set, props, and all the team and crew were so amazing and it was such an honour to work with the incredible Wendy Rowe (creative director of Max Factor) who did my makeup on both occasions. 

  • Why do you love Max Factor?

I love that as a brand they have continued to innovate and celebrate the uniqueness of female beauty, and that they are willing to challenge the status quo and work to bring a new meaning to a beauty campaign.

  • Which of the Max Factor range could you not live without?

Radiant lift foundation, definitely! It's such a good coverage thats flattering without being heavy and lasts all day.

  • Why do you believe there has been a change in the influences brands are now using?

I believe consumers demand authenticity in their marketing- whichever channel this may be on. Social media gives consumers a voice to openly feed back to brands about what does and doesn't resonate with them, and influencers pay a huge part in shaping that dialogue online. 

  • How are women dominating the economy and what does this mean for brands?

According to Forbes, In aggregate, women represent a growth market bigger than China and India combined—more than twice as big, in fact. Globally, they control about $20 trillion in annual consumer spending, and that figure could climb as high as $28 trillion in the next five years. Its clear that this huge purchasing power means brands would be foolish not to consider them in their marketing & sales campaigns, and in their product development.

  • Are you surprised that 86% of women consult social media before making a purchase?

Not at all. I know personally I am certainly influenced by the content I see on my various social channels, whether that be linked in, facebook or instagram. I trust referrals from other consumers and I value brands who work with influencers to craft authentic and engaging stories to convey messages. Its such a fantastic, organic way for me to learn about a brand and their values and their products or services in a time and way that works for me, unlike traditional advertising.

  • What’s next, for you?

Continuing to grow both my companies, and working with brands I love and who are aligned in my values as an ambassador.